Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allen Iverson Mens Braided Hairstyles 2008

Denver Nuggets basketball player Allen Iverson has a hairstyle that many find unique.Allen Ezail Iverson was born in Hampton, Virginia, on June 7, 1975. He is one of the best basketball players in the world.

Allen Iverson hairstyles
llen Iverson Hairstyles typically have what are called cornrows or braids but what sets the Allen Iverson Hairstyle apart from just plain rows are the various patterns and braid designs that make up this hairstyle. If you look at the pictures above you can see Allen Iverson's Hairstyle and braid designs from various angles.

Cool mens haircuts -Allen Iverson Hairstyles

Creating this hairstyle is not easy and someone experienced in making braid designs in a hairstyle like this is needed to make it look like a proper Allen Iverson Hairstyle.

Allen Iverson Hairstyles Pictures
Allen Iverson Hairstyles

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