Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eva Longoria Short Trendy Hairstyles Gallery

Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful women on television. Not only does she have a great body and stunning features, she also sports some gorgeous locks. Although her hairstyles change frequently, they always make her look chic and sexy.

Eva Longoria's short bob Hair

Known for being a brunette bombshell, the star has occasionally added natural looking highlights to her dark locks.

Eva Longoria's cute cropped Hair

For years, Longoria sported long, flowing waves. She was frequently seen at formal events with stunning updos and elegant curls. Longoria could also transform her hair into a sleek, straight texture for a chic, modern look.

Eva Longoria's shoulder length Hair

Now, though, the star has opted for a rather notable change. She recently cut her locks short, and now sports a modified bob cut, following in the footsteps of many other glamorous stars. Her new short, ‘do has garnered mixed reviews.

Eva Longoria's updo Hairstyle

Some feel the style makes her look young, lively, and carefree. However, other critics miss Longoria’s trademark flowing locks. Ultimately, though, the star still looks stunning. Her short hair frames her face and still shows the versatility Longoria is known for.

Eva Longoria's wavy Hair

She has been spotted wearing it perfectly straightened at formal affairs as well as with lively bounce for an everyday stroll.

Eva Longoria's curly prom Hair

Eva Longoria's 2008 dark black Hair

Eva Longoria's medium short Hair

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