Thursday, April 23, 2009

Katie Holmes Modern Short Hairstyles For Women

Everyone is, or rather most fans are raving about Katie Holmes’ latest hairstyle, which a much shorter version of the bob is cut she sported earlier. Called the ‘pixie’ look, this is a punk rock with a casual chic note, and the way she is sporting it is very stylish to say the least.

Katie Holmes Pixie Haircut

It is as if the very smart ‘mom’ hairstyle a.k.a. the trendy bob cut got a super cool makeover reminiscent of the neo punk rock ‘n’ roll movement that our music is experiencing as well. So what do you make of Katie Holmes’ latest hairstyle? Well, it might be extreme for some folks, but the length is very flattering for oval to round shapes, because the bangs around this hairstyle can be tailored to soften the features of your face and give you a perfect shape.

Katie Holmes Latest crop Hair

It seems that whatever hairstyle Katie, or rather ‘Kate’ as she is might like to be referred to, seems to sport becomes the ‘in’ hairstyle for the season. The paparazzi cannot get enough of her, no matter how long her hair tresses are at the moment.

Katie Holmes August 2008 fall Hairstyle

Call it the Tom Cruise effect, or rubbing off some of the style of chic well dressed company she is mingling with these days, her hairstyles are selling points of some of the most hottest salons in town.

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