Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pete Wentz's Short Emo Hairstyles For Men

Pete Wentz is a bassist and backup vocalist and is a very popular celebrity. He has also been lately linked romantically to Ashlee Simpson and this has made him quite a hottie. He has also been sporting emo style of clothing and hairstyles. He has changed his hairstyles quite a bit. One can definitely style their own version of Pete’s emo crown of spikes.

Pete Wentz Emo Hair

Those who want the Pete Wentz hair should start with an asymmetrical cut. Get your hair stylist to cut a number of razored choppy layered cuts into your hairstyle. Short strands of the hair should be left at the crown for spiking. The length of the hair should e more in the front, where the bangs can be swept to the side or the jagged bangs can be cut straight in the front. The hair at the back can be cut really close to the nape of the neck or can be left a little longer.

Pete Wentz Emo Haircut

The emo look is all about having really sleek straight hair. But for those that don’t have pencil straight hair, there are of course options for really choosing. The hair can be made straight in the shower by using a straightening shampoo also. While the hair is still wet, use a dollop of the hair straightening gel. This protects the hair when straightening ion or the blow dryer is used.

Pete Wentz straight Hair

Pete Wentz short layered Hairstyle

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