Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrity Haircuts: African American Hairstyles

Oprah Winfrey changes her hairstyle every few years and this keeps her looking really young. She has sported long straight hair to shoulder length wavy hair. The styles that she sports work best with hair that is slightly curvy or wavy.

Oprah Curly Hair style

If hair is really curly, then some straightening mouse has to be used on the hair when fry. This should be done prior to straightening the hair with Flat Styling iron. Now section the hair an curl it with big rollers. Remove the hot rollers, spray some mist and se the fingers to loosen the set. Slightly tease the crown and spay some finishing product for it to stay in place.

Oprah Curly afro Hairstyle

Tyra Banks is a successful model who has changed her looks, makeup and hairstyles over the years. In her latest avatar, she has colored her hair a golden brown shade which suits her skin tome perfectly. She has shoulder length hair where long big curls added volume and look to her face. These curls also add height and volume to the hair.

Tyra Banks curly Hairstyle

Tyra Banks Fringe Hairstyle

Tyra Banks Curly Hair

Tyra Banks Straight Hair

Beyonce always like to wear her hair long. Sometimes she straightens it to the sleek and shiny outlook, while other times she might have it wavy and curly. She has also worn her hair extremely frizzy and also extremely straight. She has also worn her hair like the divas in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Beyonce Wavy Hairstyle

Beyonce Straight Hairstyle

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