Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jessica Alba Gorgeous Hairstyles 2008 Winter

Jessica Alba has starred in more than a dozen movies and played the leading role in the television show Dark Angel. This has brought her considerable fame, and caused many to analyze her gorgeous looks and impeccable style.

Jessica Alba Gorgeous Hairstyles 2008 Winter Through it all, fans have not only been awed by her awesome acting talents and hot body, but also by her flawless hairstyles. With her role in Dark Angel, Alba needed to sport a hairdo that matched her on-screen persona. Consequently, her locks were kept long and dark during the show’s run. Since its finale, though, Alba has changed styles several times. Perhaps her most daring experiment was coloring and cropping her locks into a blonde bob.

Jessica Alba Gorgeous Hairstyles 2008 Winter Jessica Alba Gorgeous Hairstyles 2008 Winter According to Alba, the move to go blonde back in 2005 was spurred by a desire to create a softer, friendlier image. However, it also conveniently coincided with her role as Sue Storm, the blonde superhero she played in Fantastic Four. The blonde image did not last, though, and Alba has now returned to her brunette roots. She also opted to grow her hair long, despite the recent trend among celebrities to go for a cropped look.

jessica alba changing hairstyles
Jessica Alba long blond Hair At the 2008 Oscars, the star was seen sporting a stunning updo that was a cross between a messy bun and princess-like braids. Her most recent hair move involved adding bangs to her look. As of this month, the star now has dramatic, blunt bangs that hang straight to her eyebrows. The new look makes Alba look soft, feminine, and playful; a style that aligns perfectly with her personality.

Jessica Alba Gorgeous Hairstyles 2008 Winter

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