Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heidi Klum's 2009 Hairstyles With Highlights

Heidi Klum has spent more than a decade in the spotlight as one of the major figures of the fashion industry. Beginning her career as a model, Klum now earns fame as the host of TV’s Project Runway. Through it all, the gorgeous star has maintained a personal style that any woman might be envious of.

heidi klum's 2009 hairstyles with highlights
Plus, to top it all off, she always sports perfect hair. Her latest looks seem to be all about highlights. Klum is clearly a huge fan of multi-tonal color, and her strands feature several complimentary blonde shades. As for her cut, Klum has not opted to join the ranks of stars going short. The model turned television star has always kept her locks medium to long with lots of layers.

heidi klum curly braided updo hairstyleheidi klum prom hairstyles 2008
The layers help Klum achieve another feature of her most stunning styles; volume. Many of her ‘dos feature lively, bouncy waves and curls that are enhanced by her long layers. At times, though, Klum does opt for a change and has been known to sport some of the sleekest, straightest styles around.

heidi klum sleeky hairstyles 2009
Either way, she still looks fabulous. In fact, her hair is so gorgeous that many women want their strands to achieve the same bounce and shine. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do. None of Klum’s looks are exceptionally complex. All it takes is some quality hair care and the right products. In fact, the web is full of articles for how to get Klum’s signature looks. Your best bet, though,is to grab your favorite Klum picture and head to your local stylist.

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