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Women Homecoming Hairstyles

homecoming haircuts You know, no one wants to be outdone with Homecoming hairstyles! Every girl wants to look her best and be totally gorgeous.
Finding appropriate Homecoming hairstyles is as easy as determining whether you have a diamond, square, round, oblong, heart-shaped or oval face and picking a style to suit.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Oblong face
    If your face appears longer than it is wide, yours is oblong. The best Homecoming hairstyles for you are short to medium in length. If it’s too long, your hair will appear to make your face look longer so try to keep it above shoulder length or even just below your chin. Keep it soft and full around your face.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Square face
    Rather self-explanatory, your square face needs to be softened with wavy or wispy Homecoming hairstyles. Whether you go short or medium is up to you but long would not work as well. Definitely avoid center parts.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Oval face
    With a face length around one and a half times longer than the width of your face, you are oval. You’re lucky, an oval face is on everybody’s wish list so your Homecoming hairstyles can be just about anything you want. You can go for any length or choose an upstyle for added elegance. Avoid too much ‘clutter’ around your face with weighty bangs; add earrings as a feature instead.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Round face
    Your face is roughly as wide as it is long so you need to add a little fullness and some height around the crown. It’s best to avoid Homecoming hairstyles that are chin length because it will draw attention to the roundness of your face. Instead, keep it layered around the crown and have it cut close to your cheeks to ‘raise’ your cheekbones.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Heart face
    Wide cheekbones and/or forehead and a narrow jaw mean you have a heart-shaped face. Choose from Homecoming hairstyles that part on the side and ask for some pretty, wispy bangs. Avoid anything too short or it will draw attention to your pointy chin.
  • Homecoming hairstyles for Diamond face
    With a face that’s widest at the cheekbones, and with a forehead and jaw line roughly equal in width, you too are fortunate in that you can choose from a wide range of Homecoming hairstyles. Whether curly, straight or wavy, swept back, long or short, the only thing you need to avoid is anything that’s brushed forward too much.

The best tip for choosing Homecoming haircuts is to find a hairdresser who can design the style to suit your face shape and together you can have lots of fun looking through books and magazines to see what will work best for you!

Homecoming hairstyles

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homecoming hairstylesWomen Homecoming hairstyles
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