Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paris Hilton Blonde Wavy Headband Hairstyles

"Hotel celebrity" Paris Hilton makes no secret that she occasionally uses hair extensions . The demands of appearing on a various events all over the world, don't give her much time for a visit to the hair stylist, but that doesn't stop Paris to look absolutely perfect every time when she goes public !

This time Paris Hilton has teamed up with "Sally Beauty Supply Stores" to ensure that everyone can get the hair extensions of their dreams."The Bandit" by DreamCatchers, is advertised as "the first interchangeable hair extension headband". Checkout the photos!

Paris Hilton Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton blonde Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton wavy Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton curly Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton Singing

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