Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miley Cyrus - Hannah Monatana Long Straight Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus, an illustrious American Actress, pop singer as well as comedian is generally known from the television series “Hannah Montana”. Miley has a very exclusive hairstyle with lush curls and waves.
Miley Cyrus cute mid length Hair
In 2006 Miley came into sight with the latest chocolate brown hair curls arranged in dropping waves. Eventually she came up with translucently woven lighter highlights. Miley has a narrow chin and broad forehead that work well with long lush waves and curls.

Miley Cyrus tousled wavy Hair
Miley frequently carries her hair with lots of volume and movement around her shoulders. She repeatedly swaps the consistency between elongated and shiny hair with lot of rolling waves. The elegantly coiled hairstyle can be modified that can go with any face shape and hair quality.

Miley Cyrus long curly Hair

If the hair is naturally curled then the tresses should be pre straightened or dried with a blower. You can also use hot rollers and curling irons to give an outstanding look to the hair. For natural wavy curls and locks use a finger to blow dry and get loose curls, without using curling iron.
Miley Cyrus - Long Straight Hairstyles

If the hair has a naturally curled look, then do not use fingers to blow dry as it can add fluffy curls. You can put your hair in a half up half down way, which will allow succulent waves to spread around the shoulders.

Miley Cyrus medium layered Hair

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