Thursday, April 23, 2009

Medium Short Trendy Hairstyles for Fall

Many actresses are going for medium short hairstyles today. If you go through any fashion magazine, you can observe it. With so many medium short hairstyles going up and down the ramps in almost every red carpet occasion, it is only natural that you are interested to get one for yourself. These hairstyles have become charming and more smart than ever.

Ellen Barkin Short Bob haircuts

Ellen Barkin short bob
Ellen Barkin bob hairstyle

In medium short hairstyles bob haircuts are ore in demand. There are different types of bobs such as Inverted bob, Razored bob, Angeled bob and many more. Recently platinum blonde is becoming increasingly popular. They suit for almost all facial shapes and skin tones.

Charlize Theron Mediumshort hairstyle
Simon Ventura medium haircut
Paris hilton medium hairstyle

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