Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Long Straight Hairstyles

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles - Fall Winter 2008-2009

Lindsay Lohan may be one of Hollywood’s youngest leading ladies, but her style has certainly changed a lot in the decade she has been in the spotlight. From adorable child star to wild teen to mature young woman, Lohan has truly shown us every side of her personality. Through it all, her hair has reflected her personality and played a major role in constructing her overall image.

Lindsay Lohan Long Straight Hairstyles 2008 fall
As a young actress, Lohan was true to her roots showing off her thick, red hair. Later, as she tried to escape this innocent style, she transformed herself and her hair. Over the last few years, Lohan has gone from blonde to brunette and back again. She rarely shows off her true red, but has been spotted with a deeper crimson hue from time to time. As for length, Lohan seems to have escaped the cropped hair trend. Instead, she has consistently opted for long, luscious hair. Her texture is generally wavy or sleek and straight, depending on the occasion.

Lindsay Lohan Long Blonde Curly Hairstyles
However, she has also experimented with curls. In a sense, Lohan has truly done it all. Highlights, extensions, updos, and accessories, her hair has seen all the possibilities. It seems she has yet to settle on just one look, and with such a dynamic personality, who would expect her to? Today, Lohan exudes the image of a sexy twenty-something. Her most recent hairstyle featured long, golden curls that exude a confident, feminine vibe. How long will this last? We will just have to wait and see.

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