Thursday, April 23, 2009

Latest HairStyles for Round Faces

Razored bob
Kelly larskson round face
kelly klarkson hairstyle for round face
Many of the hairstyles depend on the shape of the face. Not every hairstyle looks good for all types of faces. For example, pixie cuts are best suited to narrow or longer faces whereas longer hairstyles seem to suit more rounded or square faces. Before going into the hairstyle for round face,make sure that you have round face. The best type of hairstyle for a round face is a hairstyle that will be adding the length to your face. A good idea for a round face would be long straight hair as this will make your face look longer.

Another idea is razored bob as it is great for this shape and can help to add angular features to the face. The razored bob can be longer in length or shorter making it fairly flexible and is also easy to maintain.

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