Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Katie Holmes Hairstyles Fashion Trends

Katie Holmes is a popular celebrity who is famous for changing her hairstyles very often.her most favorite haircut of all time is the bob hairstyle with medium length hair.She did change her hair style many times to long hair, short hair of which blunt bob, crop cut, updos are the most popular.

Katie holmes celebrity hair updos at Oscar film festival
Katie holmes curly hair style with wavy hair
Katie Holmes Fall 2008 Short Crop Haircut
katie holmes very short formal hairstyle
Take a look at these katie holmes different hairstyles all over these
years and her new short crop pixie haircut for fall 2008 which brings a
new katie holmes in a different fashion.These sexy hairstyles are very
easy to wear and suits any women with round faces.

Katie holmes blunt bob hairstyle the most popular
Katie holmes long hairstyle when she was single
Katie holmes crop hairstyle with short hair for women
katie holmes teen hair styles with long brown hair in earlier days

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