Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jessica Simpson Cute Bob Hairstyles 2008 Winter

Years ago, Jessica Simpson claimed fame as a “dumb blonde.” This image suited her just fine as a naïve newlywed. Now, though, she is working to shed that image for good and redefine herself as a mature, respected woman. However, she is still using her blonde locks for publicity. Rather than emphasize her natural beauty, she is taking a different approach.

Jessica Simpson Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Simpson is not shy about the fact that her gorgeous golden hair is styled with designer hair extensions. In fact, she has become a spokeswoman for these hair enhancements and even started her own line of products. The Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions line by HairDo has been on the market for over a year, and business is booming.

Jessica Simpson 2008 winter Wavy Haircut

With these added pieces, Simpson can flawlessly transform her hair from long to short, curly to straight Even better, she can make all these changes without the damaging process involved with traditional designer extensions. Her line, which was developed in conjunction with her friend / hair stylist Ken Paves, is made up of clip-in pieces.

Jessica Simpson Elegant prom do Hairstyle

This means no sewing, no risk of scalp damage, and no bald spots. This is great news for those who are extension addicts, or anyone seeking a quick way to change their style. It’s also great news for Simpson herself, who is successfully finding a new way to spotlight her hair without insulting her intelligence.

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