Saturday, April 25, 2009

David Beckham's Cool Hairstyles

Beckham has taken note on his wife Victoria's iconic fashion status, by bleaching his hair bright blond just like hers.Expect to see it copied by young men up and down the country shortly.

Compared to his previous hairstyles David's latest is fairly conservative unlike those he has had in the past...

Beckham's hairstyles
The first fringe hairstyle
Ah! He was so young and innocent. You would think he was in a boy band, not a football team.

Beckham's hairstyles
Getting noticed hairstyle
The fringe suddenly became all the rage. Was this the look that captured Victoria's heart?

Beckham's hairstyles
Skinhead haircut
Suddenly, everyone had the Beckham fringe. There was only one thing to do!

Beckham's hairstyles
World Cup mohawk hairstyle
When you are about to redeem yourself against Argentina, be sure and get the styling just right.

Beckham's hairstyles
The Alice band hairstyle
It's no wonder that Fergie kicked a boot at David when he was wearing that.

Beckham's hairstyles
Ready for Madrid faux hawk hairstyle
When David swapped Manchester for Madrid, he was determined to look his stylish best.

Beckham's hairstyles
Sunny mohawk style
David was told it was warm in Madrid, so he decided that as well as styling his hair

Beckham's hairstyles
The Cornrows hairstyle
David went to the hairdressers with Rio Ferdinand. They got mixed up. Apparently Rio ended up with a blonde fringe!

Beckham's hairstyles
The hunk
As David said to Rebecca Loos: "Do you want to text me?"

Beckham's hairstyles
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