Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool Hair Styles For Short Scanty Hair

Fighting scanty hair can be very challenging if not the most difficult task of all, it also giving huge challenges for those with scanty hair to get an appropriate hair style. Though it is difficult but it is not impossible, a well trained and an artistic hairstylist can provide a list of hair style which will suit this scanty hair type.

So let go through some tips you should watch out for with scanty hair.

1. Ask around, take advise from your friends, go with your friends for their haircuts and check the hairstylists before you get under his/her scissors.

Hairstyles For Scanty Hair

2. Look for visual clues. If you see someone who has the same hair texture as yours with a great style or color, just ask them who did it. Every woman likes to be complimented on their hair and you will certainly make their way.

Hairstyles For Scanty Hair

3. No matter how reputed the salon or the hairdresser is but do these checks by yourself before you go for a haircut, you don’t want to wear a cap after a disastrous haircut. If possible take your mother and if she allows you then let her go under the scissors of your chosen hair dresser.

4. Once you have found the right hairstylist, stick to him/her, don’t get tempted to switch over.

5. When it comes to scanty hair the length is very important, as much as possible keep it short, long length will make the hair look very thin. Also people usually assume that layers are not meant for thin hair, on the contrary layers are good for scanty hair but they shouldn’t be in excess. Minimum layers around the edges is ideal, do not opt for too many layers behind, instead go for subtle layers in the front and sides.

Hairstyles For Scanty Hair

6. Some of the hairstyles are not suitable for scanty hair and should be avoided like; blunt cut, bangs, Fringes and long layers. It is advisable to stay away from these hairstyles since a major section of the hair is gone in these fringes and bangs and what remains is too thin and fine for any further styling.

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