Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cameron Diaz Medium Length Hairstyles Pictures

Women with straight, medium-length hair often face style boredom. Thankfully, though, they have a role model who can provide hairstyle inspiration; Cameron Diaz. Diaz has been showing off her hair genius for nearly twenty years through her work as an Elite model and a star actress.

Cameron Diaz Blonde Hair

Despite having naturally thin, straight strands, Diaz has sported virtually every hairstyle one can imagine. Her locks have been seen in everything from a sporty bob to sexy waves. While she normally keeps her hair its natural blonde, Diaz has occasionally dyed her hair.

Cameron Diaz Wavy Hair

For example, back in 2006 Diaz could be spotted with a shoulder-length, deep brown style. In addition to her golden locks, Diaz’s playful bangs are another one of her most signature features. Swept across her face, these bangs give the actress an extra sexy way to emphasize her gorgeous blue eyes.

Cameron Diaz Updo Hair

Diaz has played around with different lengths, textures, and highlights to create a new, unique look virtually every few months. Despite her countless styles, Diaz’s hair never seems artificial, and that’s what gives it such appeal.

Cameron Diaz Medium Length Hairstyles Pictures

Her amazing ‘dos usually look like something any woman could accomplish. Diaz’s hair has been featured in magazines for years, and countless websites offer tips for how to achieve her many gorgeous styles.

cameron diaz blonde hairstyle

cameron diaz updo prom hairstyle

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