Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Braided Hairstyles For Teenage Girls - 2008 Runway Fashion

The major hairstyle trend this season is the braid. If you read fashion magazines often enough, then you will probably thinking, aren't braids claimed to be 'in' all the time? Well, like many other trends, braids can be styled differently and look very different with different complimentary fashion.

This season, the braids come in two main styles: one that is Swiss influenced and another that is for the hobo Amazon look. Main fashion houses campaigning this look are Moschino and Galliano. The  Braids haircutsMoschino. All the models were wearing this hairstyle in the Moschino catwalk, (sometimes topped with a cute hat.)

The  Braids hair Moschino. One of the key to this look is DON'T be too neat!
Tips from hair genius David Cruz:
"Draw a messy center part and make a braid behind each ear. Cross both plaits over your head and secure them with bobby pins. Set with hairspray."

 Braids Ashley Olsen attending the recent Zac Posen fashion show in NY. You will notice that her hair, while messy enough to be chic, still remains her normal elegant style.

The  Braids hairstyle Galliano. The Galliano take on braids is the boho Amazon look. Make a few random thin braids and tie them in a seemingly messy direction.

The  Braids

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