Thursday, April 23, 2009

2008 Popular Celebrity Hairstyles Pictures Gallery

Generations of people have been inspired by the hairstyles of their favorite stars on televisions and movie screens around the globe. This year is no different as several celebrity hairstyles have hit it big with the population. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest celebrity hair icons of 2008.

Jennifer Aniston long sedu Hairstyle

In general, women are more apt to be influenced by celebrity ‘dos than their male counterparts. So, there are naturally several ladies that have become hair icons this year. First, there’s Jennifer Aniston, whose hair has been hotly followed and imitated for more than a decade. Today, her glowing highlights stand out as her biggest contribution to the current state of hair fashions. Natural looking color is a must these days, and Aniston sure knows how to pull it off.

Katie Holmes short bob Hairstyle

Then, there is the young and charming Katie Holmes, whose hair might have become more interesting than her marriage to Tom Cruise. Holmes’s short styles have shown women that you can be sexy and chic with cropped cuts.

Miley Cyrus curly wavy Hair

Miley Cyrus also charmed with her hair ‘dos this year. Although geared towards a younger crowd, Cyrus showed girls that they can embrace the hair they were born with. Her full, wild curls and waves bring life to the young star and show just how great you can look without ever touching a straightening iron. Finally, it seems the biggest trend in women’s hair this year, the revival of the bob cut, was also the work of a popular star.

Victoria Beckham short bob Haircut

Victoria Beckham revived this old-fashioned ‘do with her own trendy twist. Her angled, edgy bob, affectionately dubbed the “pob,” has become the biggest hair sensation of the year. Speaking of Beckham’s hair, Victoria’s status as a style icon is matched by her husband, David Beckham, who has become the leading man in men’s hairstyle fashions.

David&Victoria Beckham with her Latest Short Hairdo

Although he has worn virtually every style in the book over the years, Beckham’s ability to look young and casual as he matures has won over many men who want his wispy, trendy hair. Along with Beckham, another male hair icon is Patrick Dempsey. This star is the dream man for many women, and his full head of hair is a dream for many men. He has shown that there is more to men’s hair than buzz cuts and gel.

George Clooney short mens Hairstyle

Finally, there’s George Clooney. When it comes to Clooney and hair, he is basically the Jennifer Aniston of the men’s world. His ‘dos have won him acclaim for years. Now, the star is showing men that you can age and still be hot. He has embraced his graying locks and helped other men do the same.

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