Sunday, April 5, 2009

2008 Hairstyles for Men

It's almost end of the year 2008.Let us review some of the hairstyles which are popular this year
The Buzz Cut
This hairstyle is popular for years, it’s now back in 2008 as a new hair style for men who don't want to bother with hair gels or styling. Popular Hollywood actor Bard Pitt, Swimming master Michel Phelps were having this style cut. It is a very custom buzz haircut. Some Buzz hair cut pictures are here

Michel Phelps short Hairstyle - Buzz haircut
Michael Phelps Buzz Cut

Best Hairstyle For kids - short Buzz haircut
boys buzz haircut

Long Hairstyles for Men
This hairstyle exudes a carefree and relaxed attitude, and is easily manageable as it requires nothing but a good combing after a shower.There is a disadvantage of this hairstyle you may get annoying and may not be comfortable having it fall in your face.Although this year, shorter is better, People pulled off a good urban look with long hair style. The best practice they had is to keep the hair till shoulders length.Some Long hairstyle pictures for you

Singer and Actor Ashley Parker Angel Long Hair style

One of the very different and unique long hairstyle - Harajuku style

Haircut picture by manganite.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men
Want more texture to your hair? Then medium length hairstyle is great to have a good style and spike. It’s a quite popular hair style in 2008.Many guys also want to get that "just out of bed" look, but you will need to get the right hairstyling products and comb.The key point here is to look messy while being clean.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men - hairstyle gives a messy bangs

Short Hairstyle
This was a popular hairstyle for summer 2008 since it is easy to care during the hot summer months. Short hair gives a classy and sophisticated look, Short haircuts have lots of texture in the way they are cut and styled. So one can have unique hairstyle by adjusting them
Nice clean cut can make a man look mature and sophisticated, in some people it give an opposite look , by making them look younger.

Popular Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan with Short hairstyle

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